The Buckingham K-5 campus project continues to communicate the critical value of design research in both the design and public health conference communities! I will be presenting the poster –”The Healthy Eating Design Guidelines: Integrating Architecture and Public Health to Inform School Design Strategies” at The Environmental Design Research Association’s (EDRA) Healthy Rhode Island Environmental Design Summit (co-sponsored by the Rhode Island Department of Health & Roger Williams University).

The design-research team is proud to contribute this significant proposal that seeks to engage the education community in discussions about healthy FoodSmart Kid™ environments. In addition, our work leverages a design-research approach to shape health strategies and policymaking initiatives in order to transform an old school lunch paradigm into a health-smart learning environment for K-5 students.

This year’s conference will kick-off with an environmental health message from Dr. Richard Jackson, MD, MPH in his keynote presentation: “Designing Healthy Communities,” thus continuing the 40-year history and mission of EDRA to support and highlight “research-based innovations” existing “to advance and disseminate environmental design research, thereby improving understanding of the inter-relationships of people with their built and natural surroundings toward creation and curation of environments responsive to human needs.”

You can find out more about the Environmental Design Research Association here:

by Jeri Brittin, Graduate Research Assistance, University of Nebraska
Medical Center, College of Public Health