On May 10, 2013 VMDO had the amazing opportunity to host the remarkable Rachel Gutter, Director of the USGBC’s Center for Green Schools.

The Center works directly with teachers, students, administrators, elected officials and communities to create programs, resources and partnerships that help transform schools into healthy learning environments.

Rachel took a tour of VMDO’s latest green school – Buckingham County Primary & Elementary – accompanied by architects Kelly Callahan, Dina Sorensen, and Steve Davis, as well as Primary School Principal Pennie Allen.

Rachel explored the schools’ kid-centric, enriched learning landscape, which was designed – inside and out – to “nudge” students towards making healthy decisions regarding movement, nutritious eating, and creative exploration.

Later in the day, Rachel stopped by VMDO to present at an office-wide “Design Friday.” Rachel highlighted exciting new research and conversations occurring on national and local levels that foreground why green schools matter. The presentation sparked great discussion about the future of green buildings.

Thanks, Rachel, for visiting our office and taking a tour of one of our green schools! Please come back soon!